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Play the best escape games no download. It is a point and click style of play. Escape game is a subgenre of adventure and puzzle game, usually created as a free online game. The player must collect items and use them with objects to find a way to escape. We add a new game everyday!

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Vortex 3

New Escape Games

Easter Egg RoomEaster Egg Room
Can you find a way out of this room?

Lost GolemLost Golem
Can you help this poor Indian girl to get back the tribal golem?

The BurglarThe Burglar
You are the burglar in this escape game...

Loner RoomLoner Room
Try to find a way to escape from this room.

Big MartBig Mart
Challenge yourself in this game by finding a way out of the big mart.

Sovereign RoomSovereign Room
Unfortunately, you are trapped and no one can help you...

Stolen RelicStolen Relic
You are a private detective in this point and click game...

Dingy RoomDingy Room
Can you find a way out of this scary room?

Unfortunately, plants are conquering the Earth...

Vogue TheaterVogue Theater
Use your escape skills to find a way out of this theater.

Electric BoyElectric Boy
This town needs your electric skills to get back the generator.

Diamonds ChaseDiamonds Chase
Travel through the old mines to find the lost diamonds.

Jungle CampingJungle Camping
It is not safe to stay in this jungle. Try to find a way out.

Saucy Devil GordonSaucy Devil Gordon
Grandma! I'm going to be a pirate!

The Deal of the GodsThe Deal of the Gods
Help Alexia to find a way out of the abandoned temple.

Tricky ClosetTricky Closet
Search for the clues and other useful objects...

You have 24 ways to escape from this place.

Adam and Eve 2Adam and Eve 2
Challenge yourself in this fun point and click game...

There are several types of free online escape games: room escape games, house escape games, adventure, scary escape games, dark, escape dungeon, temple, cave, ship, cabin escape...
Try to escape the room, space or any place by finding items and solving puzzles. Play only the best escape games online.

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