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Play the best escape games no download. It is a point and click style of play. Escape game is a subgenre of adventure and puzzle game, usually created as a free online game. The player must collect items and use them with objects to find a way to escape. We add a new game everyday!

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New Escape Games

Abducted by AliensAbducted by Aliens
Aliens in a UFO came down out of the sky and abducted you...

Oust the GhostsOust the Ghosts
Help this ghost buster to find the way out of the house.

Crashed PlaneCrashed Plane
You must give the signal to the office and leave this place...

Messy RoomMessy Room
Search for the useful clues and solve some puzzles...

Tree WorldTree World
You are lost and alone in this fantasy tree world...

Fantasy IslandFantasy Island
Can you find a way out of this fantasy island?

You must quickly find the key and escape from this house!

Mushroom HamletMushroom Hamlet
This time, you are stuck in a mushroom hamlet...

Abandoned MansionAbandoned Mansion
You are trapped in this scary place and no one can help you...

Aunt's HouseAunt's House
Search for the code number that will help you to escape...

15 Doors15 Doors
Find the useful items to unlock the 15 doors.

This time, you are trapped in the mystical labyrinth...

You are trapped and alone in this dangerous place...

Calm HomeCalm Home
Use your skills to solve the puzzles and find a way out...

Gold PalaceGold Palace
Can you figure out hoe to escape from this palace?

Earl GreyEarl Grey
Challenge yourself in this amazing point and click game...

Tea Shop MysteryTea Shop Mystery
Can you help Sherlock to solve the murder in the local tea shop?

Help the fish to find a way out of this cage.

There are several types of free online escape games: room escape games, house escape games, adventure, scary escape games, dark, escape dungeon, temple, cave, ship, cabin escape...
Try to escape the room, space or any place by finding items and solving puzzles. Play only the best escape games online.

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